My name is Rumal Khan and I am very honoured to have been selected to stand as Labour Party Candidate for Portsmouth North in the upcoming General Election on June 8th.

I promise that I will do my very best for the residents of Portsmouth North and most of all that I will listen to their concerns and truly represent them in Parliament.

Read my posts here and discover how I want to work for you, the people of Portsmouth North, and ensure that you have:

  • an NHS which remains free and cares for all and which receives the funding it so badly needs and the trained staff it is in danger of losing.
  • Free education for all ages and no child left out or left hungry.
  • many more homes for the people of Portsmouth and homes which are affordable, with more social housing, controls on rents, and an end to uncaring landlords.
  • Real jobs with contracts – no more zero hours – and apprenticeships for young people which actually mean something and lead on to a skilled job.

But my posts here will tell you much more, so please bookmark this blog so that you can return and see my articles, pictures and videos over the coming weeks.


Here is my first video of my campaign, where I tell you about me and my family and why I am pleased to stand as Labour Candidate for Portsmouth North.







For Election Purposes:
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