Tory Education Cuts Are Horrific For Our Children

Image from an Education Cuts article in the Guardian

A few days ago, I was talking to parents collecting their children from a local infants school. They are very concerned about the cuts to school funding.
I have been looking at the website and understand their fears.

From the website you can see that under a Conservative Government that school’s budget will amount to a loss of £131,547 by 2022, which will amount to a loss of £367 per pupil and a subsequent loss of 4 members of the teaching staff!

Even under Lib Dem plans, the loss to that school would be £85,505 by 2022: that’s £238 per pupil and a subsequent loss of 2 members of teaching staff.

But with Labour’s plans for Education it doesn’t have to be that way.

Labour Is Ambitious For Every Child

Under Labour’s budget plans for education, it would be possible to add to that school’s budget by £10,705 by 2022. That’s £29 more for each pupil and enough money for an extra teacher.

And this is typical of all infant, primary and secondary schools in Portsmouth.

Under a Conservative Government, school funding will be cut drastically, leading to larger class sizes and a lack of resources, while in comparison a Labour Government will invest in our children’s Education.

One of the Secondary Schools in Portsmouth North is threatened with such crippling funding losses that they could lose 11 teachers under a Conservative Government. That’s right, that would be a loss of 11 teachers!

This is a city school with high pupil numbers and where teachers are struggling to cope with cuts already.
Imagine what the loss of 11 members of teaching staff would do to staff morale and the effect it would have on the education of children attending the school!

And yet a Labour Education Budget would increase funding, enough to employ 8 MORE members of teaching staff to that school.

It is possible to invest in our children’s education and the Conservative plan not to invest but to cut instead is a threat to the education of all our children and an insult to our hard working teaching staff.

Check out the School Cuts for your local school.
You can find out here:

I am sad to say that you will be horrified at the Conservative’s planned cuts to funds for your children’s school.

labour-ambitious-portsmouth-labourLabour knows that children are the nation’s future and that giving them a good education is vital. And Labour will invest in Education for all.

So please think very carefully about who you vote for on June 8th. Only a vote for Labour will provide a vote for good quality, free education for all our children.

So please don’t let any of our young people have their education threatened and their hopes and dreams dashed. Vote Labour on June 8th to give our children a good, free, quality education.