Tory Education Cuts Are Horrific For Our Children

Image from an Education Cuts article in the Guardian

A few days ago, I was talking to parents collecting their children from a local infants school. They are very concerned about the cuts to school funding.
I have been looking at the website and understand their fears.

From the website you can see that under a Conservative Government that school’s budget will amount to a loss of £131,547 by 2022, which will amount to a loss of £367 per pupil and a subsequent loss of 4 members of the teaching staff!

Even under Lib Dem plans, the loss to that school would be £85,505 by 2022: that’s £238 per pupil and a subsequent loss of 2 members of teaching staff.

But with Labour’s plans for Education it doesn’t have to be that way.

Labour Is Ambitious For Every Child

Under Labour’s budget plans for education, it would be possible to add to that school’s budget by £10,705 by 2022. That’s £29 more for each pupil and enough money for an extra teacher.

And this is typical of all infant, primary and secondary schools in Portsmouth.

Under a Conservative Government, school funding will be cut drastically, leading to larger class sizes and a lack of resources, while in comparison a Labour Government will invest in our children’s Education.

One of the Secondary Schools in Portsmouth North is threatened with such crippling funding losses that they could lose 11 teachers under a Conservative Government. That’s right, that would be a loss of 11 teachers!

This is a city school with high pupil numbers and where teachers are struggling to cope with cuts already.
Imagine what the loss of 11 members of teaching staff would do to staff morale and the effect it would have on the education of children attending the school!

And yet a Labour Education Budget would increase funding, enough to employ 8 MORE members of teaching staff to that school.

It is possible to invest in our children’s education and the Conservative plan not to invest but to cut instead is a threat to the education of all our children and an insult to our hard working teaching staff.

Check out the School Cuts for your local school.
You can find out here:

I am sad to say that you will be horrified at the Conservative’s planned cuts to funds for your children’s school.

labour-ambitious-portsmouth-labourLabour knows that children are the nation’s future and that giving them a good education is vital. And Labour will invest in Education for all.

So please think very carefully about who you vote for on June 8th. Only a vote for Labour will provide a vote for good quality, free education for all our children.

So please don’t let any of our young people have their education threatened and their hopes and dreams dashed. Vote Labour on June 8th to give our children a good, free, quality education.

Education Is A Right, Not A Privilege

Everyone should have the chance to access free education for life.

Labour Manifesto – Free Lifelong Education

I have three children and I am very proud of them and their educational achievements. But I know that they, just like the rest of us, are living in a changing world where we all need to have access to education for life in order to cope with changes in the job market.

But how many of us can afford to get a good education nowadays, or access to retrain to get a new job?

Labour believes education should be free. No one should be put off educating themselves for lack of money or through fear of debt.

If we are to improve the life chances of all our children and enhance the nation’s skills’ in order to thrive and succeed, then I believe further education and training is the key. We live in a time where the type of demands for different kinds of skills and the paths of our working lives are changing.

Unlike many generations before us, a particular set of skills and experience no longer guarantees a job for life. To meet these shifting needs, our wider education system has to adapt, and lifelong learning and training will deliver productivity and growth to the whole economy, while transforming the lives of individuals and communities.

The Tories claim to be committed to delivering high-quality training, but they’ve ruthlessly cut funding for FE colleges and reduced entitlements for adult learners. With diminishing numbers of courses and students, the sector has been plunged into crisis.

Labour would introduce free, lifelong education in Further Education (FE) colleges, enabling everyone to upskill or retrain at any point in their life.

Labour Manifesto – Towards a National Education Service

In Further Education Labour would:

  • Improve careers advice and open up a range of routes through, and back into, education, striking a balance between classroom and on-the-job training, to ensure students gain both technical and soft skills.
  • Correct the historic neglect of the FE sector by giving the sector the investment – in teachers and facilities – it deserves to become a world-leading provider of adult and vocational education.
  • Restore the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) for 16 to 18-year-olds from lower and middle income backgrounds.
  • Replace Advanced Learner Loans and upfront course fees with direct funding, making FE courses free at the point of use, including English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses.
  • Ensure vocational routes incorporate the service sector as well as traditional manufacturing, working in tandem with our broad industrial strategy to deliver for the whole economy.

As a businessman, I know how important it is that young people coming into the workplace have all the essential skills to guarantee them, and our country, a strong future. I want to see them thrive, grow and benefit. We cannot price them out before they’ve even started!

However, within Higher Education there is a real fear that students are being priced out of university education.

Labour Manifesto – Higher Education Should Be Free

Last year, 2016, saw the steepest fall in university applications for 30 years. Since the Tories came to power, university tuition fees have trebled to over £9,000 a year and maintenance grants have been abolished and replaced with loans.

The average student now graduates from university, and starts their working life, with debts of £44,000. England degree debt is the highest in the English speaking world – The Sutton Trust (a social mobility charity) and yet the government says it is ‘fair and sustainable’.

We used to look at the cost of education in the US and feel lucky that we lived in the UK. But not any more. Now, on average at the end of their degree course US students owe between £20,500 to £25,200 – almost half the UK cost.

Is this any way to start your journey into the adult world of work and your chosen career? Debt is a scourge, the Tory government are constantly telling us we must, as a country, get out of it and yet their very own policies are propelling each successive generation into it. Even putting them off further study altogether. Portsmouth is a university city and I want to see it open to all.

We need to redress this imbalance. We need to invest in our country’s future… it’s our children.

Labour will:
Reintroduce maintenance grants for university students, and abolish university tuition fees. University tuition is free in many northern European countries, and under a Labour government it will be free here too.

Make tuition free not only for those starting courses in September 2017, but also for those already studying now.

Talking to teachers and parents about the importance of a properly funded education service.

Our children are our future and Labour will stand up for them.

The Homeless Ex Serviceman


I was talking to shoppers as they stopped at our Labour Party Street Stall when I noticed a man watching us from across the road.  I went over to talk to him.

At first the man was reticent, thinking I was ‘just another politician’ because I was dressed smartly. But I told him what I believe, and that is that I try to dress smartly to talk to people because I respect them.

The man was less reticent then and he told me a very sad story.

He is an ex serviceman. He served in the British Armed Forces for 22 years.
But now he is unemployed and homeless.

“Why has this happened to me?” He said.
“I have done nothing wrong. I served my country. I risked my life and was proud to do so. And yet now no one wants to know me.”

The man’s story moved me to tears.

I have worked with unemployed people for many years, helping them to overcome difficulties and find work. But this man had worked hard and had done all he could to do the right thing for 22 years!

And as someone who wants to make things better for people, this saddens me.
Because this man has no faith in politicians. He feels that politicians over the last few years have taken away all his respect.

I would never want to be a politician like that, but it is hard to convince someone who feels he has been treated so badly by people who are supposed to represent him.

And that is why I could never be a Conservative.

Conservatives talk about ‘heroes’ when they refer to our service men and women, but they don’t back that up with real respect for their lives.

Families of Armed Forces members often live on low wages and have been hit by the bedroom tax. Members of the Armed Forces who have been injured while on duty are finding it difficult to get recompense under this Conservative Government.

And our veterans are leaving the services unable to find work and even homes, because of the Conservative austerity economy and a Conservative disregard for veterans who need specialist public services.

It is Labour who know that we have a duty to properly reward and remunerate our Armed Forces with the pay and living conditions that their service merits.

And it is Labour who are fully committed to supporting our veterans, with a Homes Fit For Heroes program and with an emphasis on prompt access to support and compensation for those injured while serving.

It will be difficult to convince everyone that Labour really cares about our armed forces personnel, especially those like the ex serviceman I met at the street stall.

But we have to try.

It saddens me that this Government has allowed some of our veterans to end up this way.
And I really hope that the voters realise that it is Labour who want to support our Armed Service Personnel, both serving and ex-service.

Because it would be dreadful for this sad situation to be allowed to continue.

Labour is Ambitious for Every Child In Portsmouth

Labour is ambitious for every child in Portsmouth. But under the Conservative Government your child’s education could be badly affected.


As a father of three children who have grown up in Portsmouth, I know the importance of a good education and the value of the schools who provide it. I am proud of what my two daughters and son are achieving and am grateful that they have had the chance to experience things through their education that are helping them get on in life. But I also know only too well that it is not like this for all children.

We Need To Stop Child Poverty

One in four children are living in poverty in the UK right now. The total figure has soared by 400,000 since the Tories came to power. Source: the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Under the Tory Government the UK has fallen in global rankings for children’s rights from 11th. place to 156th. It is now amongst the bottom ten global performers in improving the rights of the child after achieving the lowest possible score across all six main indicators. Source: Kids Rights Index 2017 (data collected from Unicef & United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child)

The government is failing to protect vulnerable children, too many of whom are missing out on things they should be experiencing which could provide them with the chance of a better life as they grow up. For many life is grim and without much of what most children take for granted. Two thirds of them come from families where at least one parent is working, according to the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and Barnado’s. There is little evidence here of the government’s commitment to a ‘country that works for everyone.’

Free School Meals for every Primary School Pupil

For some of these children, their school dinner is the only decent meal they get all day and Labour is determined they will not go without it. While the Tories plan to take free school meals away from infants, Labour will provide free school meals for all primary school children and will pay for this by introducing VAT on private school fees.

Invest In Schools. Don’t Cut Them!

To ensure that they, and the rest of our children, get the opportunities they deserve Labour will also reverse the crippling cuts to schools. The Tories tell us they have put more into the schools’ budget, but that’s not how it’s looking to headteachers in Portsmouth and around the country. Right now, headteachers in the city are struggling with dwindling funds and over the next three years, a study by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and figures from the National Audit Office (NAO), show our city schools are set to lose over £8 million. That’s a sum equivalent to 216 teachers. The School Cuts site!/ has examples of how such devastating cuts could affect schools across the country.

These Are Potential Cuts To Your Schools in Portsmouth North Under the Tories:

Here are just some examples of what lies ahead for potential school cuts and staff losses in Portsmouth North under the Conservatives:

Budget cuts  =                         per school            per pupil      equal to no. of teachers

Copnor Primary                    £166,394                   £246                                5
Isambard Brunel Junior     £95,835                     £362                                3
Lyndhurst Junior                  £117,606                   £241                                3
Northern Parade Junior     £115,430                   £298                              4
Trafalgar School                    £200,958                  £413                                 5
Mayfield School                     £528,629                  £442                              14
King Richard School             £257,618                   £394                               7

These cuts will have a profound affect on our children and could lead inevitably to bigger class sizes, fewer teachers and support staff, less available materials and, as is already happening in other parts of the country, certain subjects being totally removed from the curriculum. All this, when an extra £320 million, earmarked in the budget, will be flowing into the government’s free school programme.

Stop the Cuts To Our Schools – Vote Labour!

Labour wants a better deal for Portsmouth North’s schools. All our children deserve a brighter future. They should get the opportunity to have one.

As your Labour candidate, I will stand up for the schools in Portsmouth North. I will stand up for all our children.


The Tory Government Has Denied QA Hospital Critical Funding!

QA Hospital has lost out on critical funding through no fault of its own

All the different members of staff in our National Health Service are working so hard to provide the decent care we all need at different times in our lives. They do a tough job and we know that money for our NHS has been cut to the bone. Every penny is vital and it’s now virtually impossible to make it go as far as we need it to…in fact we just can’t. So it’s very disturbing to learn that our own local services have suffered another blow.

The Tory Government has denied our very own Queen Alexandra (QA) hospital an additional £7.6 million of funding.

With 240 people stuck in beds every month, because the social care they need to recuperate isn’t available, the hospital failed to meet the financial conditions needed to gain the money. The Sustainability and Transformation Funding (STF) would have made a significant difference to our struggling local health services and it’s a travesty that such a decision has been made.

With less money going into our local health needs and the same situation repeated across the country, things will only get worse. Hospital waiting lists will get even longer, so will delays to GP appointments and there’ll be an even greater loss of doctors, nurses and care staff from the service.

Yet the Tory Government tells us they’re putting more money into health. They claim their increase to the Department of Health’s budget between 2015/16 and 2020/21 is £10 billion, but the independent think tank The King’s Fund, says it is far closer to £4.5 billion. So if the Tories stick to this amount, The King’s Fund say there is every prospect of patients waiting even longer for treatment and care being increasingly rationed.

Many NHS Nurses are under severe financial pressure

Staff shortages have contributed to the financial problems of our health service too. Locums used to plug the gaps are expensive and greatly increase costs to the NHS.With tougher working conditions, and greater financial pressures, increasing numbers of people are leaving the health professions. It’s little wonder when, for example, parking costs at their workplaces are costing some nurses over £100 a month alone. It cannot be right that 6,500 of them have even been reduced to using food banks because their wages will not stretch to the end of the month either. Janet Davies, head of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said: ‘…for almost entirely all nurses, this is the worst it’s been.’

This is a dreadful situation and our NHS is facing a state of emergency.

care-for-nhs-labourLabour has policies to ensure that our hospitals, health services and NHS staff get the funding and support they need so desperately.


Let’s stop this NHS emergency before it’s too late.  Please vote Labour!

Labour Has Plans For Our Childrens Health – And they are Great!

Jeremy Corbyn Pledges To Improve The Health Of the Nation’s Children – BBC Library

Labour is always concerned with the Nation’s health and today’s announcement by the Labour Party Policy and Research team demonstrates that Labour is very concerned about the health and wellfare of our children.

After all, healthy children are much more likely to grow up to be healthy adults and young people.

As I said in my post yesterday on Labour plans for the nation’s health, every nation relies upon its people for growth and prosperity.

So planning for a healthy nation (rather than, like the Tories, relying on private financiers to choose what is ‘cost effective’ for our healthcare) makes perfect sense.

I have known for a long time that Labour has very good plans for health, education, housing, employment rights, transport and many other policies to deal with essential issues.

And now all these policies are being outlined in the run up to the June 8th General Election.

With this in mind, I will be posting Labour Policy Announcements, as they occur, to special pages on this site.

Today’s announcement covers the health and wellbeing of the nation’s children.

Here is the link so you can read the announcement for yourself:

Labour’s Major Program To Improve Our Childrens Health

And here’s the link to my Labour Policy Announcements Page.

I hope you find them useful!